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Casa Mauna



At Casa Mauna we are a hotel boutique featuring 6 deluxe suites located in tranquil Salchi. Casa Mauna features a plant based restaurant offering delicious meals and excellent drinks. It’s the ideal travel destination for those seeking ultimate relaxation.

Casa Mauna features six luxury suites, each designed with modern industrial decor and stunning ocean views.

The restaurant at Casa Mauna serves delicious plant-based meals with a range of Mexican and international flavors. All ingredients are carefully selected to meet the hotel’s high-quality standards.

Casa Mauna offers a range of amenities to ensure guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. These include a large infinity pool, a plant-based restaurant with room service, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping, and more.

We have reliable and stable Starlink internet available at Casa Mauna. The downlink is usually around 250mb, the uplink around 20mb with a ping of approximately 30ms.

 Yes, at Casa Mauna we can accommodate families with children. We provide sofa beds in each suites comfortable for up to two children. Cots are available upon request.

Casa Mauna is pet friendly. We just please you to limit the amount of pets to 1 per suite.

Casa Mauna is not  fully accessible for guests with disabilities. There are stairs leading from the parking lot to the suites and pool area as well as to most of the suites.

No, Casa Mauna is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor areas.

We have hosted weddings previously with ceremonies taking place at the beach. But we are not organising them ourselves. We recommend to contact the wedding planner Irene which knows the area and Casa Mauna well. She’s available through WhatsApp at +52 1 55 3966 7355

How to book

You can book a stay at Casa Mauna by clicking the Book-Now button in the upper part of this webpage.

Casa Mauna offers an additional discount and depending upon availability free suite upgrades for repeat guests. Please inquire through our WhatsApp.

We offer two rates. Our “Refundable up to 5 days” rate features free cancellation up to 5 days before Check In. In this rate a 50% deposit is charged upon making the reservation and the rest is due upon arrival. We additionally offer a “Non-Refundable” rate for a 10% discount. In this case a full payment is required upon making the reservation.

At Casa Mauna we accept cash payment in Mexican Pesos and card payments. We accept American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

Unfortunately we cannot accept cash payments in USD.


Casa Mauna is located in the prestine bay of Salchi, on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s located 25 minutes away from Huatulco airport, 35 minutes away from Bay of Huatulco, 50 minutes away from Mazunte and Zpolite and 1h20m away from Puerto Escondido.

The ocean in Salchi Bay is an open ocean and as such its character depends on the weather. Generally between November and March waves are calm and the ocean is well swimable. In the other months of the year it can be stronger. We always recommend to be an experienced swimmer to swim at Salchi beach. Other beaches in walking distance nearby are calmer and ideal for children.

We recommend flying to the airport of Huatulco and from there taking a taxi to Casa Mauna. The drive will take you 25 minutes. Alternatively you can get from Oaxaca city to us via the new highway in around 3.5 hours.

Salchi is remotely located. If you want to experience a lot of the towns and beaches around we recommend to rent a car. If your goal is to seek relaxation at Casa Mauna without wanting to travel a lot a rental car is not necessary.

The restaurant can organise taxis for you at any time. Please advise us with anticipation, ideally the day before so we can assure availability.

These are general prices indications and are subject to change. Please confirm prices at the restaurant before requesting a ride.

Pochutla: 400
Airport: 600
La Crucecita: 750
Tangolunda Bay: 800
Hotel Secrets Huatulco: 850
Puerto Escondido: 1650
Mazunte / Zipolite / Ventanilla: 900
Magic waterfalls Huatulco (all day): 3.000
Pluma Hidalgo Coffee tour (all day): 3.000
Mazunte/Zipolite/Punta Cometa/Crocodiles (all day): 3.500
Private boat tour Huatulco (all day): 5.500
Oaxaca: 5.000

At Casa Mauna we gladly arrange airport pickup for you. Please contact us via WhatsApp to confirm further details.


At Casa Mauna we offer romantic dinners and massages. All can be booked to take place on the privacy of your suite.

The romantic dinner for two is a beautiful experience that we offer on the terrace of your suite. It is ideal for a birthday, an anniversary or simply for special vacations. The dinner consists of the following menu:

Starter: Select guajillo mushrooms accompanied by homemade homemade bread with herbs from the garden.
Main: Turkish pizza with tzatziki and tenders of seitan curry with aromatic rice.
Dessert: Cheesecake of your choice: red fruits, mango or chocolate or classic chocolate cake with applesauce.
Includes a bottle of wine of your choice (rosé, red or white)

Additionally your suite will be decorated with a large number of candles and flowers making it a magical experience. The price is 1,999 MXN and we need 24 hours of advance notice. 😊

At Casa Mauna we have an excellent masseuse available. She offers relaxing massages or theurpatic massages upon request. Please advise with 48 hours of advance notice to assure availability.

60 minutes relaxing massage: 1.499
90 minutes relaxing massage: 1.999

Several virgin beaches are available in walking distance nearby. Please visit our experiences page to see more info.

Several beautiful spots and cities can be discovered nearby Salchi. Please visit our experiences page to see more info.


Yes, Casa Mauna is the only vegan hotel with ocean view in Latin America, offering plant-based meals in its restaurant.

At Casa Mauna we believe that all sentient beings have the right to life and freedom. Casa Mauna is firmly opposed to any form of abuse. Therefore we do not use any products of animal origin in our kitchen. Neither do we use products that contain them or that come from companies that experiment with animals.

We also make an effort to minimize our environmental impact and maintaining a 100% plant-based menu in our restaurant has allowed us to reduce our water and carbon footprint by up to 80%.

In Hindu philosophy, Mauna (Silence), which has a voice of its own, refers to peace of mind, inner quietude, Samadhi and the Absolute Reality. At Casa Mauna we try to offer you a place for your peace of mind – ideal for those looking for peace and relaxation.

Casa Mauna has been founded by us, Victoria and Ewen. We’re a Mexican German couple and fell in love with Salchi on our very first visit. It took us two years of planning and one year of construction to complete our vision. We constructed during the lockdown of Covid in 2020 and opened by of October of 2020 at the end of our available funds. We were lucky to have been able to flourish since and are happy to offer our guests a great experience. We’re very grateful for all the posivite reviews we received and the guests we got to know.

At Casa Mauna we’re strongly aware of our social responsability. When we opened Casa Mauna we were the first to implement a 40 hours work week with two days a week off. Vastly improving over the previous 70+ hours work week with 1 day a week off common in the area. Though we were reducing working hours we were able to increase salaries even above the average common in the area. This means our staff receives an average hourly wage of more than double compared to other companies in the area. Additionally we offer more vacations than any other company in the area. We also provide social security, transportation, beverages and food to all our staff. It’s thanks to these efforts that we’re able to maintain no staff fluctuation. We’re very thankful to all of our staff members and it’s thanks to the whole team that we’re able to offer such a great service.